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"As Gold is much more than a metal, and the Nile is much more than a river, Grand Capital is much more than an investment corporation"

Grand Capital for Financial Investments (GCFI) is an investment holding corporation engaged in a broad range of business activities.

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“Welcome to grand capital for financial investments (GCFI).... ”

GCFI has created this website to provide its valuable customers with information about products and services offered by its great team.

To ensure responsive customer service to our dear customers,“Our team is keen to transform our values into behaviors, our vision into figures, and any difficult situation into an extraordinary achievement.”

Dear valued customer;
As always, we are responsive to your enquiries and appreciate your feed back.
Board of Directors Report 30_6_2020
[ 8/26/2020 ] Board of Directors Report of Grand Capital on 06-30-2020
Audit committee report of Grand Capital
[ 8/26/2020 ] Audit committee report of Grand Capital
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